About Us



Our company supports the spread of Buddhism in general and in particular Tibetan Buddhism. We believe that the spread of Buddhist beliefs and practices will be instrumental to bring about World Peace and the advancement of humanity. We also realise the delicate situation that Tibetan spiritual traditions is in now and are doing our part to help preserve this unique culture in these difficult and turbulent times.

The creation of the Kalachakra series of watches is endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The inspiration for the creation of the Kalachakra designer watch is drawn from the rich spiritual tradition of Vajrayana and Tibetan Buddhism.

Although we believe in the blessing of the Kalachakra emblem and other sacred symbols and images, we are not marketing our watches as a “charm” but as an aesthetic representation of a long and glorious spiritual tradition. Hence our watches do not undergo the rites of consecration as is the norm for such objects. However the increasing number of retreat lamas under our sponsorship have been requested to grant their blessings and to dedicate their intense practice for the sake of World Peace and all sentient beings in general and the owners of the Kalachakra series of watches in particular.

Sarva Mangalam !